Hey there, I'm Devin. I'm an Acting major and Las Vegas native. I love to play dress up, especially when the clothes are cheap.
Okay, here we go!

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It’s my new favorite day that I made up just for the purpose of wearing this bowtie. Join me. 

  • Shoes from Target for $28
  • Shorts from Savers for $3
  • Belt from Savers for $2.50
  • Top from NY&Co for $15
  • Bag from a friend’s closet
  • Bowtie was a gift from my favorite Brit
Anonymous: Devin! Your hair definitely adds flair to your outfits and my hair is sort of similar to yours but in a longer wavy cleopatra sort of way but I always end up putting it in a messy bun since it's so temperamental especially long term. Do you have the same problem? Of so, how to you manage your hair on outings or day to day?

Well hey, thanks very much! It does get a bit tempermental sometimes, but I usually drown it in good smelling, healthy products and it’s been getting on a lot better with me, ha. Check out Africa’s Best, Smooth n Shine curl activator or Twisted Sista products - they’ve been working for me! x


Hello again! This is a celebratory “my hair is finall long enough to top bun again” outfit, complete with flowy everything.

Shoes from Target for $28
Top from NY&Co for $10
Glasses from Nordstrom for $12
Skirt from Forever21 for $15


Note: the shirt is a Tennis pun, not a way of life. 

  • Shirt from Salvation Army for $3
  • Skirt from Savers for $4
  • Shoes from Target for $28
  • Glasses from Nordstrom for $12


I received a request for thrift tips! I figured I’d make a full post about them, since I’ve got plenty of advice after tearing apart stores across the country. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Give yourself plenty of time to comb through the store. If you just skim, you might pass up on some awesome stuff.

Don’t be afraid to get something because it seems offbeat. If you really love that 70’s fringe jacket, get it! Bright pink alligator sandals that you’d rock on a daily basis? Do it!

Keep an open mind. Thrifting is a great way to expand your style or take your closet in a new direction.


Always try things on. You might love an item, but when you put it on you realize the sleeves are too short and that specific shade of green washes you out. 


This is a big one: Don’t get carried away. 

Some thrift stores overcharge. Just because the item is marked slightly lower than its original retail price doesn’t mean it’s worth dropping a bunch of cash.
Just because the items are cheaper doesn’t mean you should buy more of them. If you only feel “eh” about something, you probably won’t wear it and buying it would be a waste of your money.

With larger stores, it helps to go in with a specific piece in mind. Comfy sweater, high-waisted jeans, statement jewelry, something to decorate the apartment with, cowboy hats, etc. When you do this, you aren’t overwhelmed because you have a goal, but you can still find cool things along the way!

Look for staple pieces. Denim shirts, plain tees, little black dresses. They’re timeless and you can get them for half the price of regular retail.

Remember: everything comes back into style! It’s like we’re on a twenty-year cycle or something. Those acid wash jeans that are “on sale” for seventy dollars at the mall could also be found in a thrift store, thanks to people who gave away all of their 90’s wear in the early 2000’s. Before you spend too much on a remake, spend some time looking for genuine vintage finds.

Go with friends! Preferably ones who will be honest with you. The honesty is important for two reasons: 
1. They’ll tell you what you don’t look good in.
2. They’ll recommend pieces that are perfect for you!
I love shopping with friends because they end up showing me things I missed. They usually hold up gigantic sweaters or anything with a puppy on it - I snatch those recommendations up and squeal. 

Take a bottle of hand sanitizer. (This tip is from my mother.) 
This is not suggesting that thrift stores are unsanitary, but they can get a bit dusty and they see a lot of traffic. On that note, take hand sanitizer any time you go shopping. You can never be sure how many people fondled that exact same shirt sleeve. 

Again, TRY THINGS ON. With so many brands, the sizing will be different, not to mention you’re looking at things that have been washed before. There probably won’t be any room for shrinking or stretching. 

Keep an eye out for bigger brands! Sure, they might be a few seasons old, but you can find some big retail names hidden among the racks. 

That’s all! Hopefully this helps anyone breaking into their local thrift scene.

Any more questions? Fill up my ask box or shoot me an email: devinwearsclothes@yahoo.com

Happy thrifting, light and love,


Anonymous: Teach me your ways of finding cute cheap clothes ;-; - Girl who has inner fashionista but lack of funds.

Thrifting, friend. The thrifts. The sales. The closet searching. I actually wrote a short piece on thrifting, let me dig it up and I’ll repost. (:

May 5th, 2014

Today, I take on the town in patterns. 

  • Top from Charlotte Russe for $10
  • Pants from NY&Co for $12
  • Shoes from Target for $28
  • Purse from a friend’s closet
Anonymous: What's Primark?

Primark is one of my favorite things about being in the UK - sort of like forever21 or H&M, cute clothes at a cheap price! They don’t have one in the US yet, but it’s on it’s way across the pond soon. I miss it already, to be honest, ah!

May 4th, 2014

Sometimes, you’ve gotta wear sneakers and a shirt that’s actually a bra. Sometiimes, you’ve just gotta.

  • Shoes from Kmart for $8
  • Pants from Savers for $6
  • Sweater from Target for $12
  • Top From H&M for $6

Just wanted to say hello to my new followers! Lovely to think that I could be away for some time, but you beautiful folks welcomed me back with open arms. You’re spectacular! 

Feel free to say hello, I’d love to get to know you. Tell me your favorite color and 90s fashion staple, just because! Maybe I’l wear one, or both - that’s what friends do, right? 

May 3rd, 2014

My extremely short countdown to cinco de mayo begins now! Just kidding, I don’t have a countdown to cinco de mayo. Here’s me, wearing a flouncy skirt and being happy about it.

  • Shoes from Gianni Bini for $75
  • Skirt from Primark for $4
  • Top from NY&Co for $10

May 1st, 2014

Something about being home after a couple of months makes me want to dress like a kid again - but with some shorter shorts and lipstick to balance it out. Let’s go frolic in a park or play around some cacti!

  • Shirt from Hey Tiger (Louisville) for $4
  • Shorts (Originally jeans, cut up by my friend Caitlin) from Salvation Army for $5
  • Plaid from Savers for $6
  • Shoes were a UK gift from my friend Kahley 

April 30th, 2014

What did I tell you? Excited to be back in the blogosphere and beyond! Keep an eye out, as I’ll be expanding soon, but for now I’m strutting around town and wearing metallic pants. Tell your family, friends, significant other, your ex, your dog, your mailman!

  • Earrings from Primark for $2
  • Plain White Tee from Target for $4
  • Chain from my friend Julia’s closet
  • Disco Pants from Primark for $7.50
  • Shoes from Target for $10
Anonymous: hey there Devin. I really love your style and your fro-tastic hair :) Anyways, I wondering are you mixed with anything?

Hello hello! I like you and your niceness. And I’m half black, half white, Irish/German on my mom’s side. (:

Anonymous: ugh, you're just so awesome. be my friend?

Always, I love friendship! Let’s eat food and swap clothes and talk about our romantic interests! x